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Meridian Osteopath Clinic for Sussex

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Naturopathy at Meridian Osteopathic Clinic

About Naturopathy


believes the human body has the ability to heal it self from dis-ease and return to ease, to improve, work and function correctly.


medicine aims to promote natural healing.

The state of ease is only allowed provided there are no obstacles placed in the way, which either create dis-ease or bombard the body.

During your discussion with Naturopath, Michael Wickham you will talk about food intake and general health and how slight variations in your nutrition intake can have a positive beneficial effect on general well being, health and vitality.

Environmental toxins, pollutants in the atmosphere, poor soil quality, all can have an effect on our well-being and health.

The body needs to overcome these toxins otherwise it becomes overloaded and dis-ease prevails if allowed to continue.

Every person is different and has differing needs, nutritionally, physically and emotionally.


Aims to find these external factors influencing how our body performs.

Examples of some of the obstacles to good health are; poor nutrition, incorrect posture while lifting, overloading on too many sweets, energy drinks, refined processed sugars, poor quality of air and water. Which when identified can be helped and the external influences reduced allowing good and improved health.

Naturopathy aims of Michael Wickham

Is to help identify the obstacles that are stopping your body from functioning correctly and help you towards an advantageous life free of dis-ease for a life of ease.